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A beautiful unexpected benefit

A beautiful unexpected benefit

Last month I received two separate messages from parents with sensory needs asking if they could trial some socks to see if they met their child’s needs.

I responded saying that she completely understood because I too have a son who is very tactile and has very specific needs when it comes to how clothes fit and feel. So I sent both sets of parents socks for their kids to trial.

The feedback we got was lovely “My son loves how soft they are, your socks are a winner!” and “He loves them! The fit is soft yet firm enough to not cause him any issues. I’ve already ordered my starter packs.”

I had never thought about how our socks could help parents and kids with sensory needs. I knew I wanted our socks to be luscious, soft and super comfy and that my son was the perfect product tester but knowing that we're helping some families in this way has been a beautiful and expected benefit of launching dot on a sock.

While we offer everyone our “love our socks or get your money back” guarantee, these two families helped me understand in some situations, a sample pair of socks is actually what’s needed.

So, thanks to these parents and their kids for reaching out we now have sample socks for sale - check out "shop socks page" and our new "sample socks" range.

I do hope that we can help many more families who have kids with sensory and tactile needs for many years to come.