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From my family’s lunchbox queen

From my family’s lunchbox queen

With the kids well and truly back at school now, it means we're all back to making lunchboxes. 

My wife, Lisca is known in our home as "Lisca Lunchbox" because she makes the BEST lunchboxes (our kids rave about them). At the same time, she's simplified the process so that she can easily maintain her reputation as the household lunchbox queen, while not making the task a burden. Here's her top 3 tips:

  1. Turn a little weekend baking session with the kids into baking treats for the week's lunchboxes - they'll be fresh on Monday and fresh out of the freezer for the rest of the week (zero complaints recorded thus far). Two of our family favourites are weet-bix banana muffins and cheesy-mite scrolls.
  2. Chop up as much fruit and vegies as you can on the weekend - put them in large containers in the fridge - ready to be packed in their little containers each day for the next week.
  3. Do your kids love leftovers? Last year we hesitantly invested in some Thermos' (with 3 kids that set us back about $100) but the ROI on those things has been massive! Left over pasta and rice dishes are their fav - nothing extra to cook and a little variety from just the ordinary sandwich for lunch. 

And that's it - 3 simple tips from our family's lunchbox queen 👑