dot on a sock

May, what a month it was!

May, what a month it was!

May, what a month it was - topped off with a lockdown in Melbourne! To all our dot on a sock families in Melbourne, we hope you are doing okay. If it helps you fill up some lockdown time - check out our dots of fun for some kids activities that you can download from our website. 


While May wasn’t the month that I had wished for, it was still a month I am grateful for.


I’m beyond grateful that our beautiful Agent in India and all the employees at our factory in India are safe and well. It’s hard for us to even imagine what it would be like living in India right now and I find myself worrying about the situation over there and hoping today that I hear news that things have improved.


The fact that our grey and navy socks didn’t launch as planned seems trivial in comparison and so it should, because in the scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

Our beautiful navy and grey socks are there in our factory ready to be flown to us at a moment’s notice and all factors considered, they will be here before the end of June.

So we’ve decided that later this month we will do pre-orders for our navy and grey socks. 

And with a strong response from our customer base, it should mean we can place another order with our factory for more socks - something I’ve been told that they could really do with as they start to recover from this situation.  

So stay tuned, spread the love with your friends and family because pre-orders for our navy and grey socks will be coming soon in June.