dot on a sock

My 3 biggest learnings

My 3 biggest learnings

dot on a sock has now been live for just over 3 months and (wo)man, has it has been a wild ride! 

I took a few moments to sit down and think about what my 3 biggest learnings have been so far and I think these would have to be the 3 things that stand out the most...

  1. Community is everything - and I’m so lucky to have such a great community behind me. From my beautiful wife, my kids, to my friends, my team, to my @businesschicks network and to @unstoppableecommerce who have pretty taught me everything I know about ecommerce, there’s no way I could have launched this business without my tribe
  2. It’s a patience game - and oh do I suck at being patient! But we’re the new socks on the block and as much as I know this product can help families lighten their load, it’s going to take time to build and scale our savvy sock families. But I’m 100% committed to this business and if that means being patient, then I’m committed to that too. 
  3. I need to let go and trust - I need to breathe more and believe that this business will make a difference to our customers, our community partner @WAGEC and our planet. In the wise words of Elsa, I just need to “let it go” so it can grow

Thanks for being a part of the @dotonasock community, if you’re seeing this it means you’ve played a role in supporting us.

I have no doubt I’m going to keep on learning but for now I’m just grateful for my community and I’m focusing on being patient and believing.