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Our family bubble

Our family bubble

A lot of people think I'm mad when I tell them we drive our kids 30 mins to and from school (from Sydney's east to Sydney's north to give it some context). 

The first thing I point out to people is that we do only have our kids 50% of the time, we have a week on week off arrangement, so technically we only do this drive every other week. 

BUT I then add, I LOVE the time in the car with the kids! It's like a little family bubble and I wouldn't trade that time each day for ANYTHING. 

In the mornings we listen to Squiz Kids (I can't recommend that podcast highly enough) and we read a story from either "Stories for kids who dare to be different" or "Good night stories for rebel girls" or "Stories for boys who dare to be different". Listening to the podcast and a story from one of these books always sparks great conversations, debate and learning (for me too).

For the afternoon drive home, I bring snacks and once they have some food in their tummies we start sharing stories about each of our days. We all listen, ask questions and get curious about the details of everyone's days. But it's often in the quiet spaces between the conversation that they ask the questions that have been on their mind or they share something that's worrying them. Not only do I love this time but I don't know where we'd all be without it. It's the little bubble where we really get to connect.

So that's my tip; think about creating a family bubble in your day each day. You don't need to drive the kids 30 mins each day to school and back to have a bubble. I have a friend who has her 2 kids sit with her at the kitchen bench each morning while she makes breakfast and each night when she's making dinner - no TV, no technology - just chatting and often a little music and dancing.  

And the payoff is huge...connection, learning, love and support, hence I would not trade it for anything.