dot on a sock

our families

At dot on a sock we want to lighten the load of our families by empowering our kids and making one small thing at home simple and fun. 

At home, Nic and Lisca believe in everyone doing their bit. No one helps, everyone contributes. Part of the McClanachan family daily routine is the kids asking, “is there anything else I can do?” 

And their answer is always Yes. “Yes, thank you. Can you please go water the pot plants on the deck?” “Yes, thank you. Can you please go tidy up and wipe down the bathroom sink?” And now I can easily say “Yes, thank you. Can you please go pair all the socks in that laundry basket over there?”

It’s small but it’s big. Because it’s all the small things that add up in family life. There’s a hundred little (mostly invisible) jobs that need to get done to keep a family ticking along. And our hope is that our families can now easily find and pair their socks, making one of those 100 little jobs simple and a little more colourful.

Oh, and for a bit of fun, every month we upload new ‘dots of fun activities for kids and parents. You can download a pdf and print off an activity for you or the kids. There you’ll find activities like colouring in, find a word, spot the difference challenges, cross words and mindfulness activities.