dot on a sock

easy to find. simple to match.

each size of our socks has a different coloured dot on the sole. simple for parents. empowering for kids.


“Such a great time saving idea and well worth the money"

– Fiona

“I am beyond excited. My 3-year-old is now officially equipped to sort our sock basket.”

– Georgia

“Now there’s no fuss looking for sock partners and remembering who belongs to what sock. Thank you!”

– Amy

“No more random piles of socks with no pair, no more kids wearing odd socks and the washing in record time - AMAZING!”

– Paula

"The kids tell me they are the most comfy socks ever. I just love how simple it's made the tedious job of sorting socks"

– Michelle

“Knowing whose socks are whose makes life so much simpler and washing less of a chore.”

– Victoria

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