dot on a sock

sock care

We want your socks socks to last and stay in great shape for as long as possible. It’s our hope you only come back to order more socks if you need to top up your supplies (#wheredoalltheoddsocksgo #wedontknow) or order a new size for your growing kid’s feet. So, here’s our tips on caring for your dot on a sock socks:

Tip #1 Use a hosiery bag

If you can, use a washing bag to keep the socks from snagging on the hardware/fasteners of other clothes (zippers, buttons etc). This prevents the socks from stretching out of proportion.

Tip #2 Do not overcrowd the machine

If you wash socks without a hosiery bag with lots of other clothes they may tangle with other clothes and stretch out of shape, so be sure to not overload your machine.

Tip #3: Add a little fabric softener love to your cycle

No doubt your kids will be telling you just how fabulously comfortable the dot on a sock socks are. To maintain their softness, add a little fabric softener love to the wash cycle.

Tip #4: Use a gentle setting on your washing machine

Use a gentle cycle setting on your washing machine. If the socks are dirty, you may need to use a setting with more agitation or soak them first (see tip #7)

Tip #5: Use cold water only

For any socks with colour (which includes dot on a sock socks) always use cold water to prevent the colour running.

Tip #6. Use drier with caution

We understand that life is busy (and sometimes Mother nature is just in a bad mood for too many consecutive days) so using the drier may be necessary. So while we don’t recommend it, if you do need to use the drier please dry the socks using a medium temperature.

Tip #7: for particularly dirty socks with dots

If your kids are anything like ours, they might love to walk around the house in their socks…meaning the soles get pretty filthy! Here’s my 3 step method to get those socks nice and bright again:

  • Soak. A little bit of soaking in warm water and a mild detergent never does most socks any harm. You need to soak no more than 3-5 minutes.
  • Wash. For mildly dirty socks, move them around the soapy water for a couple of minutes. For particularly dirty socks, rub them against each other to remove the dirt.
  • Rinse. Use cold water to rinse. You may need to use two or three rinses to get all detergent out. Once you’re done, squeeze out an excess water and hang them out to dry.