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The dot on a sock story

Seriously, where do all the odd socks go ….

Hi there! 

As a mum of three boys, I know how chaotic life with kids can be ... how sometimes the things that should be simple are not (getting out of the house in the morning), how big the laundry pile can get and the never endless mission of matching up little peoples socks!!

dot on a sock is a humble sock business with a big mission to empower kids with essential life skills, give parents back a small sliver of time and sanity, and end sock waste.


dot on a sock started because of the never-ending sock dilemma... 

  • Why is it so hard to find a pair of socks? 
  • Why is it when I go back to the shops I can never find what I bought before? 
  • Where do all the odd socks go? 

On top of that, we hate waste, so I have always loathed when we had to throw out a bunch of odd socks every few months.

Enter .... socks with dots, colour coded by size! Each size of our socks has a different coloured dot on the sole. Easy to find. Simple to match.

Dot on a sock is all about lightening the load….

Lightening the load on the planet

Did you know the average person loses more than 15 socks per year. That 1,295 lost socks per Aussie over a lifetime!

The socks left behind often end up in landfill and according to Upparel, every 10 minutes, 6,000kg of textile waste is discarded into Australian landfill. 

dot on a sock helps eliminate partnerless socks - sold in packs of identical socks, so if one does go missing (and comes back as a Tupperware lid), there are plenty of other potential sock partners. No need to throw away the one left behind. Dot on a sock sock styles remain consistent, so they will also match with any previously purchased pairs.

Made from organic cotton, they are not only comfortable all year round, but they are also made to last - further helping to minimise textile waste.

Lightening the load on parents

Children don’t have the same sense of time as adults, this combined with being tired and constantly distracted by toys, devices, pets, siblings… it’s a wonder they get out the door at all.

Empowering kids to find a pair of matching socks is such a simple way of reducing the time spent in the morning looking for an infamous pair of matching socks….saving parents sanity, one matching pair of socks at a time.

Empowering kids with essential life skills 

Studies show weekly chores teach children life skills that will be important for the future.

Sock sizes are colour-coded by means of a coloured dot knitted into the sole of each sock. This is a fun way for children to identify which socks are theirs and empowers them to help sort the laundry!

Empowering kids with sensory needs, ADHD or autism

Neurodivergent kids may have trouble focusing on what needs to get done in the morning. It may be more challenging for them to identify which socks are theirs or to find a matching pair, particularly when they all look so similar (let's face it .. mum and dad struggle with this too!).

The fun visual prompt of the coloured dot makes it easier for kids to find a matching pair and identify which socks are theirs, helping with independence.

For kids with sensory needs, soft socks can be the difference between wearing socks and not. They can find sensory stimulation overwhelming. They may refuse to wear socks because they can feel the seam or the socks feel scratchy.

Dot on a sock socks are made from organic cotton and developed to suit kids with sensory needs - with soft seams and just the right amount of stretch and cushioning in the sole. Our customers say they are the comfiest socks ever!


We hope our socks add a little more colour and quality time to your families life. Maybe just enough time to finish that morning coffee before it gets cold!!