dot on a sock

our story

My name is Nic McClanachan, I’m an entrepreneur with a beautiful wife and 3 pretty awesome kids. Since becoming a parent, I’ve had a small but persistent bee in my bonnet about kids' socks. 

  • Why is it so hard to find a pair? 
  • Why is it when I go back to the shops I can never find what I bought before? 
  • Where do all the odd socks go? 

On top of that, I hate waste, so I’ve always loathed every few months when I’ve had to throw out a bunch of odd socks.

And so, dot on a sock was born. Each size of our socks has a different coloured dot on the sole. Easy to find. Simple to match.

Dot on a sock is all about lightening the load. 

We want to lighten the load of our families by empowering our kids and making one small thing at home simple and fun. 

We want to lighten the load on our planet, so we use minimal sustainable packaging and help our families to reduce their clothing waste. 

And we want to lighten the load on our community, so we donate 10% of revenue to families in Australia who need a hand up. 

If we can add a little more colour and quality time to our families lives, then dot on a sock has done what it set out to achieve.

Yep so that’s me, Nic McClanachan...entrepreneur, wife and mum. Maker of socks with dots.