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This week at dot on a sock, we're all about sock puppets. Now the whole idea of dot on sock is that you wipe the slate clean and you fill those drawers with our dot on a sock socks. But the last thing we would want you to do is throw out all of those old and odd socks and just add to landfill.


What we would really love our families to do is actually upcycle or recycle their socks. And one of the funnest ways to do that is with a sock puppet!

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If you're a parent of tactile kids, I invite you to try out dot on a sock. Give them a test and see how your kids love them. I'm absolutely sure they'll love them just as much as mine do. But if not, we've always got our love our sock or get your money back offer.

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So if you're thinking about a spring clean or you haven't yet sprung clean (Is that a term?) those kids sock drawers.

Check us out, we've got your starter packs ready to go and now we have white and black and navy and grey and we've got you sorted.

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People buy from people. And that means you need get in front of the camera just like this and tell your story and show the real you. And we've done that from day dot (pardon the pun) I have been really open. Behind this brand is a Rainbow family.

People buy from people and the people that I want buying from us don't care that there's a Rainbow family behind this brand. In fact, I found this actually helped us. I think we've gotten even more families as customers because we are so openly rainbow.

So, for those of you that are supporting us, thank you. We're looking forward to growing this business and supporting more families to lighten the load around Australia and New Zealand.

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