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Socks for Kids with Sensory Needs

From the outset, Nic our sock designer set out to ensure dot on a sock socks were the comfiest ever - using her very particular eldest son as a test subject. Nic designed the socks to have additional padding in the sole and a super-soft undetectable seam.

The positive feedback from parents with kids that have sensory hypersensitivity has been overwhelming! We are so thrilled that our humble socks are making a difference for many kids that struggle to find clothing that does not overstimulate them. 

We also understand that like all kids - children with sensory processing disorders are all different and our socks may not suit everyone. That is why we are happy to offer a free pair for your child to test run before purchasing a larger pack.

Use code: SENSORYSOCKS at checkout to claim your free sample pair or click on this link to have the discount automatically applied to your cart.

We also welcome your feedback and are committed to ensuring our socks are of the highest quality and are exceptionally comfortable.

Please see below a link to a blog on the topic that may be of interest:

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