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Socks for kids with sensory needs 

Socks for kids with sensory needs 

My son won’t wear certain sock brands because they are "too scratchy". 

I know the frustration socks can cause parents of kids with sensory needs because my son (8) refuses to wear socks that are too scratchy or shirts that are too itchy (he won’t wear the expensive ones I bought from Country Road but loves the $3 Kmart ones… go figure). As a parent, I always want to find a solution to my kid's problems and the sock situation left me feeling helpless. 

This is one of the reasons dot on socks has come into our lives. 

When it comes to sensory processing problems there are usually two types: under-sensitivity and over-sensitivity and it’s not unusual for one child to experience both kinds. 

Hypersensitive kids are super reactive to sensory stimulation and may find it all too much. They may refuse to wear socks because they feel scratchy or irritating

Finding socks that are soft and suitable for kids with sensory needs has been such a game changer. 

My son constantly comments how these are the most comfortable socks ever and he will often wear them around the house after he’s taken his shoes off. 

We’ve also received loads of messages from parents of kids looking for socks for sensory needs: 

“My son loves how soft they are, your socks are a winner!” 


“He loves them! The fit is soft yet firm enough to not cause him any issues. I’ve already ordered my starter packs.” 


“I have an autistic 12 year old with huge sensory issues, socks being a major issue, we only wear socks when necessary and it has been the same ones for years. I showed him the socks when they arrived, ha has put them on by choice, we have been for a walk, and they are still on. This is a miracle. Regards Kerrie”

Often a pair of sensory friendly socks are the difference between a child wearing sock or not. Receiving feedback like this makes running a small business absolutely worth it. 

Not only are the socks suitable for kids with sensory needs they also help empower them with essential life skills. 

The sock sizes are colour-coded  by means of a coloured dot knitted into the sole of each sock. This is a fun way for all children to identify which socks are theirs and empowers them to help sort the laundry! A study shows weekly chores teach children life skills like responsibility and setting priorities that will be important for the future.

Kids with ADHD or behaviour issues may have extra trouble following instructions or focusing on what needs to get done so getting them to help with the laundry or get ready for school in the morning can be challenging. 

Visual prompts like the coloured dot can help kids achieve tasks. 

Kids love the dot system because it’s a visual prompt to tell them which socks belong to them. My son is 8 and all his socks have a green dot to correspond with his shoe size. The coloured dot is an easy way to instantly know whose socks are whose so don’t have to lose time and sanity trying to sort the dreaded sock basket. 

Kate sent us an email saying: 

“We love our dot on a socks, makes laundry time much easier, and more fun for my 4 year old to play the sock matching game with me!”

You are welcome to order a sample pair of socks to see if they meet your needs before ordering a 10 or 20 sock bundle. Please let us know if we can help in any way.