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our planet

We are on a mission to stop sock waste.

Did you know the average person loses more than 15 socks per year? If the average life expectancy of Australians is 83, that equates to 1,295 lost socks per person over a lifetime.

Unfortunately the socks left behind often end up in landfill and according to Upparel, every 10 minutes, 6,000kg of textile waste is discarded into Australian landfills. 

This is one of the reasons dot on a sock was created. The sock system eliminates partnerless socks because the socks are sold in bundles of identical socks, so even if one does go missing (and comes back as a tupperware lid) there’s plenty of other potential partners waiting to be matched up. No need to throw away the one left behind.

Socks that are made from high quality material that won’t stretch or shrink to reduce sock waste, like dot on a sock socks which are made from 80% GOTS organic cotton. 

Choosing socks that are comfy to wear all year round, especially in the hot Queensland summer reduces the need for different socks for different seasons. 

We also have minimal and sustainable packaging

We do this by using minimal packaging. Our manufacturer bulk packs all our socks without pairing them. And with no pairs, that means there’s no annoying plastic ties holding them together (that quite simply are a tooth hazard for anyone who has ever tried to bite one of them) and no unnecessary cardboard binding a bunch of paired socks together. 

And what little packaging we do have, is sustainable. Our packs of socks are simply wrapped up in our sustainable tissue paper proudly supplied by noissue.co.

Our postage satchels are 100% compostable cornstarch & reusable, proudly supplied by hero packaging.