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Grey Quarter Crew Socks with Dots

Grey quarter crew socks with dots, colour-coded by size, so you can instantly tell whose socks are whose & say goodbye to odd socks forever! The visual prompt of the colour-coded dot helps all family members find & match their own socks & can assist children with learning difficulties be more independent.

dot on a sock® kids (and adults!) tell us they are the most comfortable socks ever! Having experience with kids with tactile defensiveness who refuse to wear anything uncomfortable, we've achieved this through:

  • Organic cotton with spandex & elastase for just the right amount of stretch & a secure, comfortable fit around the ankle
  • Incorporating special cushioning technology in the sole of the sock that makes them much more comfortable to wear over longer periods of time.
  • Super-soft undetectable seams

These socks with dots are designed in Australia & ethically made in India.

We purposely use minimal, sustainable packaging. All sock packs come packaged in a reusable wash bag (no unnecessary plastic packaging) & are shipped in compostable mailers. We hope this simple design can help lighten the load on your family, our planet, & our community.