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Christmas gift ideas for kids that won't blow your budget

This year many families are cutting back on the excess of Christmas. While this is in part due to the current economic climate, it is also becoming more important to many Australians to reduce waste and lead simpler more sustainable lifestyles.

This is certainly my approach to Christmas this year. I will be hand making some gifts and selecting smaller presents that I know the recipients will love. I have spent the last few months decluttering my house and don’t want to turn around and just add items straight back in to the mix or give someone else a whole heap of junk they don’t need!

With only a few days left for online Christmas shopping, I thought I would provide some last-minute Christmas gift ideas for kids - gifts that are thoughtful yet affordable. These are all gifts I have myself purchased for my 3 boys and nieces.

My First Banagrams

We recently discovered Banagrams on a camping trip at beautiful Broken Head, South of Byron Bay. A family we were camping with brought the game along and it was a huge hit with both adults and kids - especially in the afternoons after a morning at the beach, when we wanted to keep the kids out of the sun for a bit. Players use their letters to build a word grid and the first to use all of their tiles is crowned TOP BANANA! I have since found this colourful version with lower case letters that is designed for smaller kids. It will be perfect for my 5-year-old who is starting prep next year. I purchased this at Mr Toys Toyworld for $24.99

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids_My First Banagrams


This is a game of Dobble that my 5-year-old and 7-year-old love playing together. We have had the original for a while, which is now a little worse for wear - thankfully my youngest was recently gifted the new animal version for his 5th Birthday. I have since purchased this for my niece for Christmas. Big W has a few different versions available for under $25 each, including a Harry Potter themed set.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids_Spot it

Rubik’s cube

Cubing is going through a resurgence. My 10-year-old along with many of his school mates is obsessed. There is a Netflix documentary called Speed Cubers – my son has watched this numerous times and has been trying to recreate the current record holders scramble & solve. There are numerous different types with various turning mechanisms / magnets and price points, but you can pick one up for well under $50. I purchased this GAN 356 ME from the Speed Cube Shop for $40.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids_GAN 356 Cube

Dot on a sock

I might be biased, but at $35, the 5-pack of socks is a practical & affordable gift for kids – particularly any little ones starting prep next year. I will be gifting a pack of the white quarter socks with purple dots to my niece who is starting prep with my son next year (fingers crossed they are placed in the same class!). They are also available in grey, black and navy if your school requires an alternate colour.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids_dot on a sock_quarter crew white

Kids against Maturity - Illustrated Edition

Another camping trip discovery … this is a PG version of the adults’ Cards Against Humanity. It will have the kids in stitches with its potty humor and funny lines. Available from Kmart for $25.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids_Kids Against Maturity

I hope this list provides some inspiration. Merry Christmas!

Candace & the dot on a sock team x